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Paper Supplies

PPC & Inkjet Paper Supplies

Pro Copy are able to supply a large range of Large and Small format papers to suit your printing needs. Most of the popular Large Format Inkjet Rolls are held in stock as are A4 & A3 copier papers of varying weights.

Paper Available to Order

Large Format Inkjet Paper

90gsm Bright White 914mm x 50m
90gsm Bright White 841mm x 50m
90gsm Bright White 610mm x 50m

120gsm Coated Matt 914mm x 45m

A1 90gsm Sheets (Pack 125)
A2 90gsm Sheets (Pack 250)

112gsm Tracing Paper 610mm x 45m

PPC Materials

80gsm 841mm x 150m
80gsm 594mm x 175m
80gsm 420mm x 175m (Box of 2)
80gsm 297mm x 175m (Box of 2)

A0 80gsm Sheets (Pack 125)
A1 80gsm Sheets (Pack 250)
A2 80gsm Sheets (Pack 250)

A1 112gsm Tracing Paper
A2 112gsm Tracing Paper

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